Fashion trends in men’s hair and beards are now about styles that hold. The right wax product can help you set and maintain your locks in an attention-grabbing style all day. So what should you look for in your hair wax? We explore the best hair wax for men below.

What does hair wax do?

Hair wax has become one of the best men’s personal grooming products. Its main function is to hold your style in place. You apply a small amount of hair wax to your hair before styling. Once you are done styling allow the hair wax to set.

What sets the best hair waxes apart from the best?

First, the best hair wax does not leave a residue when it sets. You want your wax to blend completely with your hair. Poorer quality products will start flaking when they dry, leaving your hair with specks that look suspiciously like dandruff. This is not attractive.

Secondly, you want the wax you applied to last all day, whatever the weather. It can take a lot of time to style your hair and beard in the morning. We know you are busy, and definitely do not have time keep dashing off to reapply your wax all day. Look for wax that has a firm, consistent hold.

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Finally, if you have dry hair, you will want to look for a wax that gives a little bit of moisture and softens your hair. Applying too much hair product can dry out your hair, leaving it looking limp and unhealthy. If you have dry hair consider looking for enriched hair wax, so it holds your hair but also gives it some extra nutrition. Remember, healthy hair, is shiny hair, and that always looks better.


•We love the pomade hair wax by American Crew. You only need to apply a small amount of wax, less than a few millimetres at a time. Best of all it is very affordable at less than $15.
•If you want to splurge, try the grooming product of choice for celebrity hairstylists, Kiehl’s Creative Cream Wax. This gives your hair extra shiny.

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