The Motorcycles in Speedway Racing

There are a number of people who carry a misconception about speedway tracks and speedway racing. This is most probably because sports on motorcycles aren’t really that popular when you compare them to automobile sports like Nascar Racing or Formula One.

It’s undeniable that BMX and Motocross are the popular sports when it comes to motorcycles. However, Speedway Racing is becoming more and more popular as years go by because of its unique rules, speedway track and specialized motorcycles utilized in the event. The art of broadsiding the motorcycle is also used in speedway racing, making it a unique motorcycle sport compared to the others.

The motorcycles are the ones that make the biggest difference in speedway racing. Back then, the motorcycles used in speedway racing used to be bikes equipped with upright engines but later changed into laydown motorcycles as they’re easier when it comes to handling. The speedway motorcycles are not equipped with any type of brake while the clutch is used as a release during the beginning phase of the race. The motorcycles in speedway racing follow specific regulations that ensure the safety of the participants.

These motorcycles have a minimum weight of 77 kilograms without fuel. They are also equipped with guards that are fitted over the moving engine parts. Since the speedway motorcycles aren’t allowed to be constructed in titanium, shatter resistant plastics are utilized to protect the integrity of the bike and ensure the safety of the rider. The bikes are also outfitted with dirt deflectors which shield the rider from the loose dirt as they drift and broadside corners. The fuel used in these motorcycles is methanol without any form of additives. They are also equipped with silencers which allow a quieter run for the engines.

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But there are limits imposed on the motorcycles utilized in speedway racing. They are not allowed to use any type of uncoated ceramic parts and any form of telemetry except when using it for getting time. Any electronic components installed to achieve control of the engine are also prohibited.

The speedway motorcycles aren’t also allowed to use things such as turbo or superchargers of any type as this will defeat the discipline of the race by making the bikes too overpowered to participate in the competition. There are also safety concerns as the tracks in speedway racing are small in size and the dirt is loose where life-threatening accidents can occur at high speeds.